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Skidsteer lock by Equipment Lock

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Equipment Lock Skidsteer Lock - E-Series - Combination Version

Model#: Equipment-Lock-ESL-C



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  • Equipment Lock Skid Steer Lock

    The E-Series Skid Steer Lock, locks the drive control of your skid steer, therefore making your skidsteer undriveable, therefore making it extremely difficult to steal.
    Combination Lock

    Model Equipment-Lock-ESL-C
    Manufacturer Equipment Lock
    In Depth Each construction equipment manufacturer has its own ignition key system but uses a "construction key" for convenience - making all of them keyed alike. Therefore, contractors, rental stores, and dealers do not have to fumble with different keys when dealing with individual equipment. Anybody who has operated or has had access to heavy equipment could have a key that will run any machine from that same manufacturer! Since the machines are typically left on-site and unguarded, they are easily stolen. Additionally, they are not required by law to have a title or visible identification. To a thief, these machines are easy to resell and very profitable, therefore, very hard to pass up.
    FAQ's Will The Skidsteer Lock work on an enclosed cab skidsteer?

    Your question for the enclosed cab application is common. YES, it will work!

    The Skid Steer Lock, which locks both drive controls, is installed by sliding both windows back.
    It then captures both drive controls as it extends thru the cage holes on both sides securing tightly against the cage. While the machine is locked, both windows remain open. See NOTE below.

    The E-Series Skid Steer Lock, which locks one drive control lever, mounts permanently on the cage by "sandwiching two plates on the cage.
    In the case of enclosed cabs, the locking plate is installed on the outside of the cab and the 3/16" thick mounting plate is put on the inside (this allows the glass to slide past it while operating the machine). A window must be open only while the lock is installed. See NOTE below.
    The E-Series Lock is permanently attached with 4 non-reversing stainless steel screws. The "U-bar" captures one drive control lever and locks into the locking plate (which is secured on the cage) therefore securing the machine.

    NOTE: Some of our Canadian customers have cut a piece of Plexiglas or plywood to fit over the exposed window area while the skid steer is being secured, therefore preventing the weather from coming in.
    Others have mounted the E-Series Skidsteer lock below the cab window by drilling 4 small holes for the mounting screws, therefore allowing normal window usage.
    We cannot, and do not recommend this installation due to liability and warranty reasons with your skidsteer.

    The installation we were told of requires an area directly below the window, in-line with the drive control lever, on the solid steel portion of the protective cage 4" high and 6" length-wise (preferred on the left side as if seated). All installation remains the same, but holes must be drilled in the protective cage (ROPS) for the 4 screws.
    We do not, and cannot recommend this installation method due to liability and warranty reasons with your skidsteer.
    Should you drill holes in the protective cage (ROPS) it may affect the structural integrity (warranty), and cause damage or injury. Should you become injured from this occurrence, TELC cannot be held responsible (liability) for your installing the product in this method. Again, we do not, and cannot recommend this installation method due to liability and warranty reasons with your skidsteer.
    This is why we recommend installing The E-Series Lock on the outside of the cage and leaving the window open while the lock is securing the skidsteer.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Some models of Gehl and all of Belle skid loaders may not have holes in the protective cage below the drive controls. Additionally, some models of Caterpillar skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have stationary glass at drive control level. This may prohibit the Skidsteer Lock or E-Series Skidsteer Lock from being installed in the normal fashion.

    JCB Robot, Takeuchi and Thomas skid loaders cannot use the Skidsteer Lock, only the E-Series Skidsteer Lock may be used. The Skidsteer Lock or E-Series Skidsteer Lock may be installed in a manner to prevent the lap-bar from coming down prohibiting operation.

    Please contact TELC for alternative installation instructions prior to ordering for these machines.

    Should you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact us.
    Dimensions 3 X 7 X 9

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